“What Sets George Kittle’s Helmet Apart from the Standard NFL Gear?”
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“What Sets George Kittle’s Helmet Apart from the Standard NFL Gear?”

George Kittle was noticed in an interesting piece of head gear in tonight’s game

San Francisco 49ers star George Kittle, celebrated as one of the NFL’s premier blocking tight ends, has made a significant gear switch. Departing from his previous Riddell Speedflex helmet, Kittle now sports the Vicis Zero2 Trench, a transformative shift in his game-day attire.

The Vicis Zero2 Trench stands out as the industry’s first position-specific helmet, meticulously crafted for linemen. This specialized variant of the standard Zero2 boasts an extra frontal pad, aimed at providing heightened protection against the repeated low-velocity impacts routinely encountered by linemen.

So, what advantages does Kittle’s new helmet offer? For a player of Kittle’s caliber, who regularly absorbs heavy hits while blocking, the Vicis Zero2 Trench serves as a critical protective measure. Despite its unconventional appearance, this helmet has garnered praise for its status as one of the most protective choices available, earning recognition from both the NFLPA and the VT Helmet Rating Scale.

The innovative design and tailored features of the Vicis Zero2 Trench not only align with Kittle’s role on the field but also represent a stride forward in player safety. The helmet’s emphasis on cushioning linemen, and tight ends like Kittle, against frequent impacts reflects a considerate approach to addressing the unique challenges faced by players in these positions.

This investment in advanced gear underscores the increasing focus on player safety and the ongoing commitment to developing equipment that caters to the specific needs of various positions in the sport of football.

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