Dwyane Wade reveals how he told Gabrielle Union about his other child
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Dwyane Wade reveals how he told Gabrielle Union about his other child

Dwyane Wade reveals how he told Gabrielle Union about his other child.

Dwyane Wade recently shared a deeply personal story about a challenging conversation he had with Gabrielle Union, one that nearly brought their long-term relationship to an end.

The NBA Hall of Famer opened up about the moment he had to confess to Union that he had fathered a child, Xavier Zechariah Wade, with another woman named Aja Métoyer. This revelation came during a period when the famous couple was on a relationship break in 2013.

Wade, the Miami Heat legend, revealed that he initially attempted to navigate this difficult situation with caution. He tried to convey his concerns about their relationship, citing recent difficulties and distance between them. However, Union continued to be a presence in his life.

After a while, Wade realized that he needed to confront the situation head-on and have the “hard conversation” with Union about what had transpired.

“It’s all scary,” Wade admitted. “But you know that this is going to hurt someone that you’ve been building a relationship with and a life with. No matter what people say on the outside or what people want to think, ultimately you’ve got to sit with yourself, and you’ve got to sit with this person. I had to sit with my wife and have this conversation.”

Wade acknowledged that he couldn’t have navigated that moment without Union’s support. By December 2013, the couple had managed to overcome the challenges and reconcile. They shared the news of their engagement on Instagram and eventually got married in Miami in 2014.

Although the couple is in a better place now, the 2013 incident still affects them emotionally. They have sought therapy, engaged in discussions, and dealt with the repercussions. Wade emphasized that it’s an ongoing process and that apologies alone can’t make the past disappear.

Union also shared her perspective on the situation in her memoir “You Got Anything Stronger?” published in late 2021, describing her devastation and the difficulty of finding words to express her feelings.

One aspect that particularly concerns Wade is the potential impact on his son, Xavier. He worries about the stain on his son’s reputation despite Xavier having done nothing wrong. Wade is determined to support his son as he grows up with this difficult situation surrounding him.

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