The 5 Craziest Revelations From Cassidy Hutchinson’s Book About the Trump White House
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The 5 Craziest Revelations From Cassidy Hutchinson’s Book About the Trump White House

The 5 Craziest Revelations From Cassidy Hutchinson’s Book About the Trump White House

Former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson has unveiled additional shocking revelations from her time within former President Trump’s inner circle. Hutchinson, who served as an aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, previously testified before the House January 6 committee in June 2022, disclosing that Donald Trump had wanted to lead rioters to the Capitol but was denied by the Secret Service. She has now published a book titled “Enough,” which delves into even more allegations of absurdity from what many consider the most tumultuous White House in history. Here are some of the most startling claims:

Mark Meadows’ Admission About Herman Cain’s Death:
In June 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump held an indoor rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, despite the warnings of public health officials. Six campaign staffers tested positive on the day of the event, and the following weeks saw a significant spike in COVID-19 cases in the area. Among those who contracted the virus was Herman Cain, a former member of the Federal Reserve Bank and a 2012 GOP presidential contender, who tragically passed away just over a month after the rally.

Although Trump denied that Cain contracted COVID-19 at his rally, Hutchinson claims that Mark Meadows knew the grim reality. He reportedly told her, “We killed Herman Cain.” Furthermore, Meadows allegedly asked for Cain’s wife’s phone number. (Meadows has denied this allegation in a statement to CNN.)

Allowing COVID-19 Positive Visitors into the White House:
Prior to the availability of vaccines, the Trump White House relied on testing to prevent COVID-19 from spreading within the workplace, but Hutchinson alleges that they did not prioritize virus-prevention measures. She asserts that after Trump’s election loss, individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 were permitted to enter the Oval Office to meet with the president.

Trump’s Admission of Election Loss:
Hutchinson recounts that following the US Supreme Court’s rejection of a lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, which was rife with false claims about the election, Trump pressed Mark Meadows. He reportedly said, “Why didn’t we make more calls? We needed to do more … We can’t let this stand.” Trump continued, expressing embarrassment at the idea of people knowing he lost and urging Meadows to “figure it out.”

Allegation Against Rudy Giuliani:
One of the first details revealed from Hutchinson’s book centers on an allegation that Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, groped her backstage at the Stop the Steal rally preceding the Capitol riot. Hutchinson describes the encounter in detail, including Giuliani’s actions and words. Giuliani, who faces criminal charges related to efforts to overturn the election and an unrelated civil suit alleging sexual misconduct, has denied the allegation.

Mark Meadows’ Unusual Document Disposal:
In the aftermath of the Capitol riot and Trump’s acknowledgment that he would not remain in office, Mark Meadows began clearing out his office. Instead of using traditional banker’s boxes, he relied heavily on his fireplace. Hutchinson claims that Meadows was burning so many documents that the office smelled “like a bonfire.” Meadows’ wife even intervened, requesting that Hutchinson stop using the fireplace, as her husband’s suits were starting to carry the scent of smoke.

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