Clemson could turn to a kicker who hasn’t been a part of the team against Florida State
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Clemson could turn to a kicker who hasn’t been a part of the team against Florida State

Jonathan Weitz was the backup kicker for the past three seasons but wasn’t on the roster to start 2023

Clemson could turn to a kicker who hasn’t been a part of the team against Florida State

Clemson’s upcoming game against Florida State may see a new face in the role of primary kicker, and what’s intriguing is that this player wasn’t even part of the team during the initial three weeks of the season.

As reported by Rivals’ Tiger Illustrated, former backup kicker Jonathan Weitz has been brought back into the fold by coach Dabo Swinney following the Tigers’ victory over Florida Atlantic last Saturday. While Weitz initially watched that game from Charleston, he has now rejoined the team and, according to Tiger Illustrated, is the leading contender to handle kicking duties this Saturday against Florida State.

Weitz’s return to the team is prompted by the struggles of freshman kicker Robert Gunn III. While Gunn has been consistent with his extra point attempts, successfully converting 14 out of 15, his performance on field goal attempts has been less than stellar, hitting only 1 out of 4 this season. This included having two field goal attempts blocked in the season opener against Duke and missing both a field goal and an extra point in the recent win over FAU.

The 2023 season presented Clemson with the challenge of replacing their dependable kicker, B.T. Potter. Potter had served as the team’s primary kicker for the past four seasons, making an impressive 234 out of 235 extra point attempts and maintaining a field goal success rate of at least 77% over the past three seasons.

Potter’s consistency left limited opportunities for Weitz to see action during his initial three seasons with the team. In fact, Weitz did not attempt a single field goal from 2020 to 2022, merely contributing with one extra point each season.

What makes Weitz’s return even more fascinating is that he is eligible to play in 2023 due to his enrollment in online MBA classes at Clemson. If he does take the field against the formidable No. 4 Seminoles on Saturday, Tiger Illustrated suggests that he might be the preferred choice for shorter field goals. It would certainly add an element of unpredictability if Clemson finds itself relying on Weitz to make a crucial kick as time winds down, potentially deciding the outcome of the game.

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