“Thats my baby”: Deion Sanders shares heartwarming response to daughter Shelomi Sanders’ post on Instagram
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“Thats my baby”: Deion Sanders shares heartwarming response to daughter Shelomi Sanders’ post on Instagram

Deion Sanders is not only a legendary player and a coach, but also a loving father to his kids, including Shelomi Sanders. He has a close-knit family, in spite of his two marriages, a current 11-year relationship and five children.

Sanders and his children post affectionately about each other, especially supporting one another in their endeavors. In a heartwarming instance, he recently reacted to a series of stunning pictures shared by Shelomi Sanders.

“Thats my baby,” responded Deion Sanders.

Shelomi Sanders’ Curated Instagram Post
Shelomi is carving a following for herself choosing to stun with her posts and sense of humor. She has amassed 276k followers on Instagram.

Posing for her fans, the youngest Sanders uploaded pictures which also attracted her father’s appreciation. However, she refrained from adding any details to the post, leaving her fans intrigued.

Shelomi is the youngest child of Deion Sanders born on Dec. 14, 2003. She is a budding basketball talent, unlike her siblings who are engaged in football. She played at Jackson State University before transitioning to Colorado with her father and brothers in 2023.

Shelomi Sanders’ Career Explored
Shelomi Sanders, a Redshirt Freshman hailing from Rockwall, Texas has made her mark on the basketball court. Standing at a height of 5′ 6”, she is known for her prowess as a Guard.

Beyond her athletic pursuits, Shelomi is a dedicated student pursuing a major in Integrative Physiology. Her family background is intertwined with athletics coming from a sports-centric household.

Deion Sanders has forged a path for himself, one which is closely followed by his children Shedeur and Shilo. However, Shelomi has carved her own way in addition to sharing her love of sports with her family.

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